Supervises and works with a group of employees involved in the purchasing, ordering, receiving, storing, distribution, securing and accounting for materials, supplies, parts, tools, equipment, and services; or manages a district warehouse operation, construction project store(s), or a large independent or specialised section of a distribution center or centralised warehouse; applies sound supervisory principles and techniques in building and maintaining an effective work force; and does related work.

A Senior Storekeeper may either:

  • Supervise a moderate size group of employees involved in warehousing activities in a large distribution center or centralized warehouse, a records retention center, or a salvage location; or 2)
  • May be assigned complete charge of all warehousing functions in a smaller, but independent warehouse, serving a single department
  • May manage a specialized stores/warehouse operation which supports, maintains, and/or repairs automotive, construction, public safety, and industrial equipment
  • May manage construction or maintenance project tool-rooms
  • Uses Internet technology, other telecommunication networks, electronic mail, and manufacturer technical catalogs and manuals to obtain current, accurate specifications of materials, supplies and tools
  • Establishes control procedures to assure the security of warehouse stock and other items located at stores/warehouse locations
  • Expedites the procurement and delivery of materials, supplies, parts, tools, equipment, and services
  • Communicates with vendors regarding product and service information, specifications, delivery, and performance expectations.
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A Senior Storekeeper may be assigned to supervise an important warehousing function, such as procurement, inventory control, or investment recovery, or to assist a Principal Storekeeper in supervising the work of a large distribution center or centralized warehouse operation. A Senior Storekeeper is normally responsible for coordinating stores activities with those of field personnel and for determining minimum stock levels and reordering quantities.

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